1) The Oregon certified home inspector shall observe and describe:

(a) Wall cladding, flashings, and trim;
(b) Entryway doors and all windows;
(c) Garage door operators;
(d) Attached decks, balconies, stoops, steps, areaways, porches, and applicable railings;
(e) Eaves, soffits, and fascias; and
(f) Vegetation, grading, drainage, driveways, patios, walkways, and retaining walls with respect to their effect on the condition of the building that adversely affect the structure.

(2) The Oregon certified home inspector shall:

(a) Operate all entryway doors and a representative number of windows;

(b) Operate garage doors manually or by using permanently installed controls for any garage door opener; and

(c) Report whether or not any garage door opener will automatically reverse or stop when meeting reasonable resistance during closing, or reverse with appropriately installed optical sensor system.